Boris Godunov on the stage of the Krasnoyarsk Opera and Ballet Theater

November 24 and 26, 2023 Dmitry Ulyanov performed the role of Boris Godunov in Mussorgsky's opera of the same name in the author's version on the stage of the Krasnoyarsk Opera and Ballet Theater.

This production became the first premiere of the 46th season of the Krasnoyarsk Theatre, which was initially intended to be a seven-stage format, but practically grew into a full-fledged performance. The musical basis was taken from the first author's edition (the performance does not include the Polish Act and the scene near Kromy, which were added in later editions of the score). The costumes of the characters in the play have a complicated history. In 2014, they were transferred to the Siberians by the Bolshoi Theater for three years. Unique costumes, made according to sketches by the famous theater artist Pavel Kaplevich, were created for “Boris Godunov” by film director Alexander Sokurov, who staged the famous opera at the Bolshoi in 2007. However, the lease expired, and in 2018 the costumes went back to the Bolshoi Theater.
And so in 2023, on the eve of the 185th anniversary of Modest Mussorgsky, these costumes again traveled to Siberia. They were restored in the theater workshops, and the artists again appeared on the Krasnoyarsk stage in them - in the new premiere of “Boris Godunov”.

The orchestra was conducted by the musical director and chief conductor of the Krasnoyarsk Opera House Dmitry Yurovsky, as well as Mikhail Leontiev, and the artistic director and chief director of the Krasnoyarsk Opera Theater Irina Lychagina was responsible for the stage execution, the scenography was created by the chief artist of the theater Maria Vysotskaya.