Review of critical publications. “The Player” by S. Prokofiev. Vienna State Opera.

“In this performance in Vienna, Simone Young and the Vienna Opera Orchestra presented the audience with an intense, lively, enchanting reading of the score of the 1929 version. The singers were very convincing in their images - thanks, first of all, to the tenor Misha Didyk, who played Alexei - lucky at cards, but unhappy in love, and Elena Guseva, who used all the colors of her bright soprano to create the image of the carefree Polina.  Dmitry Ulyanov was very convincing in the image of the pompous General, and Linda Watson was hilarious as the cruel dowager aunt.”


(Opera magazine,, December 2017)



"The most successful, in my opinion, in the performance was the work of Dmitry Ulyanov in the role of the General. In addition to the impeccable vocals (clean, neat delivery of phrases, clarity of psychological shades, intellectual drawing of phrasing), I was pleased with the stage design of the role, created on the basis of a purely Russian theater school... the scene of the death of the General in a noose made of Blanche’s boa was played by the singer masterfully and became one of the most bright in the performance..."


— Alexander Kurmachev (


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“Dmitry Ulyanov, who made his debut on the stage of the Vienna Opera in the role of the general, showed how this role should be played: vocally strong, seasoned with self-loving enthusiasm and expression. His big scene after intermission was a real highlight of the evening.”


— Dominik Troger (


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“Among the main characters, General Dmitry Ulyanov dominated, with his sonorous, indomitable bass and plasticity, creating a memorable operatic figure...”


— Moore Parker ( 


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“Dmitry Ulyanov makes his debut on the stage of the Vienna State Opera in the role of the general. The Russian bass had great success singing Boris Izmailov in Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk at the Salzburg Festival in August 2017.





“Polina’s stepfather, the general, cannot withstand the pressure of forced circumstances: Dmitry Ulyanov, the second excellent debutant of the evening, shows us the process of degradation of his hero’s personality with extraordinary comedic skill, as well as an impressively mobile, emotional bass, delighting our eyes and ears. »


— Wilhelm Sinkovic (