Blessed memory of Rimas Tuminas

Late in the evening of March 6, it became known about the death of the Lithuanian director, the legendary Rimas Tuminas, until recently the chief artistic director of the Vakhtangov Theater. He died in a clinic in Italy, where he was rehearsing a new play based on Chekhov's play The Cherry Orchard.

Dmitry collaborated with Rimas in the Bolshoi Theater production of “Katerina Izmailova” by D. Shostakovich, where he performed the role of Boris Timofeevich Izmailov.

Rimas Tuminas was a personality of enormous magnitude, a great master, and rare minutes of working with him gave Dmitry completely new opportunities in learning the role, revealing character, in search of truth and sincerity, and the depth of the work. From the first minutes of their acquaintance, they began a very warm creative relationship, and Rimas often remembered Dmitry, suggested possible options for working together, and invited him to his premieres and performances. Unfortunately, many plans are now not destined to come true...

Dmitry Ulyanov and the site administration offer our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Rimas Tuminas.

Bright memory!