Press review. S. Prokofiev “War and peace”. Grand Theater Geneve, September 2021

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Here is a review of critical publications on Prokofiev’s “War and Peace”, where Dmitry Ulyanov performed Kutuzov, and an interview with Dmitry and Ruzan Mantashyan, who performed one of the main roles of Natasha Rostova.

“In addition, despite the cuts, the main idea of both Tolstoy and Prokofiev is shown to the audience – the patriotic theme sounds powerful. We must admit that the emotions we experienced during Dmitry Ulyanov’s performance of Kutuzov’s aria “Majestic, in the sunlight…” can only be compared to the feeling of pride felt for our athletes when they are awarded medals to the sound of the anthem – we wanted to stand up and sing. The the applause of the audience showed that the beauty of this musical theme, repeated several times in the play, excited not only us.”

– Nadezhda Sikorskaya (Nasha gazeta, Geneve, 15.09.2021)

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“Dmitry Ulyanov sings the role of Field Marshal Kutuzov, commander of the Russian army. He has a deep, big voice with a rich sound and outstanding vibrato. He is a master of the Russian singing style, showing bright low notes and clear pronunciation.”

– Damien Dutilleul (Olyrix, 14.09.2021)

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“As for General Kutuzov, played by Dmitri Ulyanov, his Philip II-style monologue, a Schopenhauerian reflection about power, is a deserved audience success.”

– Vincent Borel (, 16.09.2021)

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“The Russian soul sounds in the voice of bass Dmitry Ulyanov (General Kutuzov), who is sitting alone at the chess table, launches into long reflections on the tactics to be employed in the face of Napoleon’s siege of Moscow. With his voluminous, deep and vivid voice, Dmitry Ulyanov offers to the audience one of the most beautiful moments of the evening. When he sings, nothing exists but him.”

–  Jacques Schmitt (ResMusica, 16.09.2021)

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“And finally Kutuzov, last but not least, one of the key figures in the performance, the driving force of the second part. We see him in the midst of a chess game, the White Angel, the living God, the chess player, whose part is played by the extraordinary, expressive bass Dmitry Ulyanov. His Kutuzov is a powerful man, not like Tsar Dodon that lost his greatness (Dmitry’s wonderful job, he has recently done in the opera «The Golden Cockerel» in Lyon and then in Aix-en-Provence). Dmitri’s singing is impeccable as always, the phrasing, the coloring, the breathing are perfect and, above all, there is an undeniable confidence in this singing, an singularity that sets it apart from all others, identifies it and makes this performance a great moment of music and theatre. Extraordinary!”

–, 19.09.2021

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