Press review. Rimsky-Korsakov’s “The Golden Cockerel”. Lyon and Aix-en-Provence, 2021

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Here is a review of critical publications on Rimsky-Korsakov’s “The Golden Cockerel”, where Dmitry Ulyanov performed Tsar Dodon. You can read these publications by clicking on the link.

“Dodgy Dodon Dmitry Ulyanov appears on the stage in a blood-soaked and mud-soaked undershirt, long johns and with a crown on his head and with a sword in his hand, ready to destroy everything on the way. Artistry, powerful timbre and good articulation give the character an amazing naturalness.”

– Marie-Aude Roux (Le Monde, 20.07.2021)

“Tsar Dodon illustrates another aspect of the duality in this opera: his absurd character, a toy of fate whose strings are pulled by the Golden Cockerel, in no way diminishes the beauty and quality of his voice. Dmitry Ulyanov consistently and with great relish observes these two contradictory aspects of his character”

– classiquenews, 8.06.2021

“Dressed in the underwear that men wore to bed in the Middle Ages, Tsar Dodon in this dirty garb looks very shabby in front of his soldiers; his crown on his head matches this garb and depicts a ruler devoid of charisma defending his lands. The desire to bask in the wealth and pleasures of life is simply the eternal longing and all-consuming idleness characteristic of Dodon’s days. In this role, Dmitry Ulyanov shamelessly takes on all the unflattering traits of this anti-hero, demonstrating impeccable theatrical and vocal mastery of the Russian school, thanks to his powerful and deep voice”

–, 31.05.2021