Press review. A. Borodin “Prince Igor”. Opera Bastille, Paris. December, 2019

The series of performances “Prince Igor” directed by Barrie Kosky on scene Opera Bastille came to an end. Unfortunately, several performances and broadcast on the Mezzo HD channel were canceled due to mass strikes in Paris, but some viewers were lucky enough to see and hear Borodin’s opera performed by remarkable artists: Dmitry Ulyanov (Prince Galitsky ), Ildar Abdrazakov (Prince Igor), Elena Stikhina (Yaroslavna), Pavel Cernoch (Vladimir), Dmitry Ivashchenko (Khan Konchak), Anita Rachvelishvili (Konchakovna) and others.


“If Dmitry Ulyanov appears to the audience as powerful, insidious and relaxed Prince Galitsky , then Vladimir by Pavel Cernoch does not seem sufficiently expressive…”

– Fabienne Darge (Le Monde, 02.12.2019)

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“Dmitry Ulyanov didn’t overplayed his Galitsky’s banditry, although all rude excess sounded suitably. “

– Alexey Parin (Musical life, 27.12.2019)

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“Galitsky performed by Dmitry Ulyanov enriched the gallery of colorful portraits of Russian “leaders”.”

– Vladimir Dudin (, publication № 283(8041), 11.12.2019 )

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“In turn, Dmitry Ulyanov appears before us in the image of an arrogant Prince of Galicia, at the same time showing the audience the best singing qualities and dazzlingly bright character.”

– Florent Coudeyrat (, 29.11.19)

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“Dmitry Ulyanov creates such a tyrannical and sneaky character of Prince Galitsky that as soon as he opens his mouth, every spectator is covered with dislike for the hero.”

– Victoria Okada (, 01.12.2019)

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“Reveller Prince Galitsky was performed by Dmitry Ulyanov, adding spice and energy to his firm and powerful voice to improve the insidious, rude and hated character of his hero.”

– Damien Dutilleul (, 29.11.19)

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“Elena Stikhina was a moving Yaroslavna, her soprano clear and expressive, while Dmitry Ulyanov’s Galitsky was suitably rabble-rousing, roaring his Act 1 song whilst attacking a hog roast.

– Mark Pullinger (, 1.12.19)

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“Dmitry Ulyanov perfectly performed the role of a jaded personality in a fashionable suit, pretending to be the leader of a band, embodying the vulgarity of the character, while maintaining the clarity of the vocals with ironic accents.”


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