"Attila" by G. Verdi. Concert hall Auditorium de Lyon, France. Verdi Festival

On March 18, 2018, a concert performance of G. Verdi’s opera “Attila” took place on the stage of the Auditorium de Lyon concert hall as part of the Verdi Festival. Dmitry Ulyanov performed in the main role of Attila, the leader of the Huns. The role of Odabella was performed by Tatiana Serzhan, Ezio by Alexey Markov, Foresto by Massimo Giordano, Uldino by George Moore. The opera was also performed by the orchestra and chorus of the Lyon Opera under the direction of the chief conductor of the Lyon Opera, Daniele Rustioni.


“In the title role, Dmitry Ulyanov reigns in both loving admiration and confrontation. His voice is organic, flighty and has subtle nuances... We admired the beautiful duets and trios!”


— Malkani Factory (forumopera.com, 18.03.18/XNUMX/XNUMX)


(You can find the entire article by following the link: https://www.forumopera.com/attila-lyon-verdi-davant-verdi)



“The main and significant change in this concert compared to the November one is Dmitry Ulyanov, who plays the title role here, which was originally intended for him. If Erwin Schrott presented the strong Attila, then here we move to a higher level. Not only the appearance clearly shows us the image of the leader of the Huns, but also the voice and the performance of the artist, which makes this voice resound in the hall as if from the dark depths of the barbarian’s soul, evoke respect and admiration. Completely absorbed in his role, he blushes with anger when he learns that he has been betrayed, and the paradox of a character, both a tyrant and a victim of his mercy, is heard in this voice, which chills the soul to the very bottom, but also brings deep warmth ... "


— Elodie Martinez (opera-online.com, 20.03.18)


(You can find the entire article by following the link: https://www.opera-online.com/fr/columns/elodie/attila-a-lyon-le-bis-magistral-du-festival)

G. Verdi "Attila".